• Personal Training.


  • Group Training Sessions.


  • Online Coaching.



1 on 1 Personal Training.

Our one on one coaching offers accountability and direction to push you to your potential.

Tailored programming and personal coaching provides real time progression and feedback to optimize your time in the gym and achieve your goals faster.

Online Coaching.

Our online coaching provides a holistic approach to support your lifestyle both in and out of the gym.

We pride ourselves on building a strong online partnership with each of our clients to ensure they have all the support and direction needed to hit their goals.

As an online client you can expect to receive regular check-ins, updated personalized programming and a committed and hard working coach!

Group Training.


Come and join our awesome team for a fantastic blend of cardio and strength training suitable for all ages and fitness levels!!

Casual sessions and affordable multi-session packages available.

Our Philosophy.

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable training
We believe in a safe, respectful and equal training environment
We believe in keeping ourselves up to date professionally to ensure our methods stay relevant and based on current scientific evidence.
We believe in providing a concise path for our clients to achieve their goals
We believe in a holistic approach to training and value clients’ personal and mental development as much as the physical
We believe it’s never too late to start


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We believe that food preparation plays a major role in achieving your health and fitness goals. Fill in your details to download a FREE version of our recipe book!

    What are you waiting for?

    People with a Personal Trainer Have a Far Greater Chance of Reaching Their Goals



    Let’s face it; if you’re relying on hope and self-motivation to achieve your goals, you’re facing an uphill battle. Your personal trainer will keep you motivated and accountable.


    One of the keys to body transformation and fitness success is consistency. Getting to the gym regularly, eating nutritious foods regularly, getting enough sleep regularly… you get the drift.


    The internet is great, but there is so much conflicting information. Your personal training will sift through the noise and train you in a way that gives you the best chance of success.


    Exercise is fantastic for so many reasons, but without proper form and technique you are setting yourself up for injury. Your personal trainer will not only train you hard to reach your goals, but provide the safest environment possible.

    Individualised programs

    Got an injury? Play a sport with specific physical requirements? On medication that impacts on your ability to exercise? Have diabetes or some other metabolic condition? Whatever your situation, your personal trainer can tailor a training program to suit your needs.


    Never been to a gym before? It’s been a while since you’ve been in a gym environment? Not too keen on lifting weights with fitness freaks around by yourself? Your personal trainer will guide you through those apprehensive early days.


    Your personal trainer’s job is not only to get you fit and healthy, but also to make it fun! There are many ways to achieve your goals, and a PT will find the best and most enjoyable way for you.

    Goal setting

    You may want to lose 20kg by Christmas, or run a marathon, or deadlift twice your bodyweight by your birthday, but they may not be realistic goals. Your personal trainer will assess your goals against your fitness levels, and create a training program to help you achieve them in a realistic timeframe.

    No time wasting

    You won’t be scrolling through your Facebook feed during your workout with your personal trainer. You’ll maximize your time by getting the best workout possible in the allocated time-period.

    They will challenge you

    If you’re not reaching your goals alone, your personal trainer will challenge you in ways you may not be doing yourself. He or she will find ways to make sure your training isn’t too hard or too easy, and continually challenge you with new exercises to keep you interested and pushing towards your goals.

    Daniel RobertsonDaniel Robertson
    02:58 12 Oct 22
    I've been training with Patrick from Trinity Personal Training for the past five months or so. My physical and mental health has improved considerably in that time which has translated into improving other parts of my daily life. Patrick is a fantastic, non-judgemental trainer who is always motivating me to believe I can push through and lift more. He is a friendly face to see when you come in to the gym, and very approachable and easy to talk to about any issues with your training (even outside of sessions!). I very much recommended him to everyone and anyone who wants to improve their health.
    Tara InghamTara Ingham
    09:24 09 Oct 22
    I have been training with James for about 1.5years and since then my life has been completely turned around both physically and mentally! If you had met me 1.5 years ago, you wouldn't recognize me today!I would recommend James in a heartbeat as he has been a constant source of support and guidance throughout my fitness journey and we have worked together to tailor my programs to my goals. James is always there to help with exercises or any questions you may have or even just a chat!I would look no further than Trinity Personal Training if you are thinking about training with a PT!
    Anastasia ZavitsanosAnastasia Zavitsanos
    00:57 08 Oct 22
    James has been my trainer for nearly a year now and has been fantastic in regards to creating a program that suits my specific needs, and making sure to touch base with me to see how I am travelling with my food intake and required workout program!James is very understand and easy to speak to if you require assistance with any programming advice and most of all, even if you are not training with him on a specific day, he is always happy to help clients if they are struggling with their form of a specific exercise or require any questions to be answered! Very reliable!He prides him self on forming a relationship with the client rather than it be a job, and as a client, makes it a lot easier to speak to him to assist me with achieving my goals!100% recommend him!!
    Cher ChengCher Cheng
    23:21 07 Oct 22
    I’ve been training with James for about two years. He’s the best trainer that I’ve ever met so far. I was a beginner in the gym and didn’t have the knowledge in fitness and exercising. James goes above and beyond helping me to achieve my goal and build my confident in the gym. He is very accomodating and he tailors workouts that suit my needs and goals. I highly recommend Trinity Personal Training especially if you are a beginner 🙌
    Kylie MaynardKylie Maynard
    09:01 09 Feb 22
    Where do I start? Trinity Personal Training has opened up a new chapter for me with my training. I hit a spot in my weight loss journey where I plateaued and was loosing interest. I knew I wanted to hire a trainer, but I didn’t know who or where to even look. I ended up winning a couple of free sessions with James and have been training with him as a client ever since!His knowledge in not only training but nutrition is phenomenal and has helped me to reignite the spark I had lost training by myself. James has helped me to set achievable, realistic goals and is there with me every step of the way. You can really tell it’s not just a job for James, it’s a passion.I highly recommend James and Patrick at Trinity Personal Training! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
    Ebony KellyEbony Kelly
    04:51 09 Feb 22
    I have been training with James for almost 6 months now and he has been the perfect kick up the butt I needed after many lockdowns and not really getting what I wanted out of my gym sessions. From day 1, he made me feel comfortable and eager to get stuck in and give 110%. He is supportive and encourages you to really push yourself to your limits, while ensuring form is still spot on. I highly recommend James as a trainer, he is dedicated to his clients, focuses on your goals, super flexible and respectful of your individual needs.
    Joanne ClarkJoanne Clark
    20:28 23 Aug 21
    Getting fit with Trinity PT is the perfect mix of challenge and fun. My training sessions are dynamic and provide great variety. That means my fitness and strength is being constantly developed. As trainers they know their craft and I feel safe because with this expertise the risk of injury is minimised whilst the challenges to my physical development are maximised. If you want to build your health, vitality, strength and fitness, maybe she'd a few kilos and tone up in a relaxed and supportive environment Trinity Personal Training are for you.
    Melissa ChapmanMelissa Chapman
    23:47 28 Jan 21
    Couldn't recommend James highly enough! I have been having PT with James twice a week for nearly two years now. It has been an incredible experience. James has significantly helped me in my fitness journey with a focus on my own goals. It’s has been great to see the amazing changes in my body especially strength and muscle development. James is motivating, understanding, flexible, easy going and makes sure I am focused when I get distracted a lot of the time!! 😀😀
    Jasmine GenitoriJasmine Genitori
    19:04 20 Jan 21
    I couldn’t recommend James from Trinity Personal Training enough. I started my journey a few months ago and it honestly was the best decision I’ve ever made. James has taught me many things regarding nutrition and physical health but has also taught me the most important thing of all and that is to love myself! I can’t thank James enough for his ongoing support, patience, guidance and just a genuine enthusiasm to watch his clients transform their lives for the better.Thanks for everything you’ve done for me in this short time James. Can’t wait to see what the rest of my journey brings!

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