Patrick Sullivan.

Personal Trainer

Good health is the strongest foundation for lasting happiness. Everything else in life flows from how we feel mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I came to the fitness industry much later in life, only taking my own health and fitness seriously after I turned 40. I’ve personally battled many demons in my time, from eating disorders and drug and alcohol abuse; to body image, weight control and self-esteem issues. So whilst I may not know my clients’ exact experience, I can truly relate on a personal level to many of their challenges when it comes to health and fitness.

I genuinely care about all of my clients, and look beyond their current situation and limiting beliefs to what they can become; helping them develop a growth mindset and continually evolve in their journey to good health and a better life.

I am passionate about the power of consistent strength training, quality nutrition, practical goal-setting, and mindful meditative practices in helping my clients transform their lives. My training sessions, and my approach to coaching, revolve around understanding, empathy and compassion, and a drive to help others achieve their unrealised potential.

Working together with my clients, we identify clear, achievable goals and create a plan to achieve them in a personalised and client-specific holistic strategy. No gimmicks or false promises – just practical actions, exercise technique focus, consistent growth – and a good dose of humour and fun to take the sting out of sore muscles and pushed boundaries.

Getting you to your goals is my only goal, and I’m deeply committed to helping you become everything you want to be – in the gym and in life!